Oral care can now be delivered right to your door!

Oral Health On-Demand is a Thing Now. Here’s Why:

Netflix was the birth of delivery-on-demand. Fast-forward to 2016, and you’ll find there’s a box subscription for nearly everything. Oral health is no exception, and has joined that army of recurring delivery services. So yes—we’re all for at-home oral health...

We can’t wait to “taco” ‘bout these healthy recipes:

3 Smart Swaps for #TacoTuesday

74% of Americans cite Mexican as their favorite cuisine. This Americanized fatty favorite doesn’t have to be so sinful. Many foods that benefit our bodies also benefit our teeth. Your body is a system—healthy eating patterns can help prevent tooth...

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4 Dental Technologies to Geek Out About

Lasers. Bacteria-killing gas. Cameras capturing microscopic special effects. This may sound like the next Star Wars blockbuster, but we’re anticipating a different sequel —developments in dentistry technology.

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4 Healthy Habits That Might Be Tax Deductions

You may be searching for every possible write-off possible this tax season. And if you were healthy in 2015, you might be able to deduct extra expenses. That’s right—certain dental and medical-related procedures and programs can be tax deductible.