Staying in tonight? Spice it up with these healthy aphrodisiacs!

Romantic and tooth-friendly?

Love is in the air in Iowa, but it could also be on your plate! Though food aphrodisiacs are mostly myth, there are some truths to them. For instance, food can awaken the senses. Certain foods can elicit romantic memories,...

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A simple resolution for 2016: Don’t skip.

It’s the time of year when we hear resolutions like “I’m going to eat salad, read and exercise seven days a week” and other claims that may radically change current habits. Instead of radical change, consider committing to one mantra:...

Delta Dental of Iowa - 5 Gadgets for your Health Goals

5 Gadgets for your Health Goals

If you’re like 45% of Americans, you’re probably ringing in the new year with quite a list of resolutions. Unfortunately for most goal setters, New Year’s resolutions have only an 8% success rate. Don’t lose motivation yet! We live in...

Yes, there are times when you shouldn’t brush your teeth. Learn more:

5 Times You Shouldn’t Brush

Is it possible to overdo a good thing*? Like eating too many cookies or getting too much sleep, oral hygiene is no exception. Here are 5 times when brushing your teeth isn’t such a good idea.